Recent Publications



Polakova S, Molnarova L, Hyppa RW, Benko Z, Misova I, Schleiffer A, Smith GR, Gregan J (2016). Dbl2 Regulates Rad51 and DNA Joint Molecule Metabolism to Ensure Proper Meiotic Chromosome Segregation. PLOS GENETICS; 12(6):e1006102. PMID: 27304859

Cojoc G, Roscioli E, Zhang L, García-Ulloa A, Shah JV, Berns MW, Pavin N, Cimini D, Tolić IM, Gregan J (2016). Laser microsurgery reveals conserved viscoelastic behavior of the kinetochore. J Cell Biol; 212(7):767-76. PMID: 27002163

Naina Phadnis, Lubos Cipak, Silvia Polakova, Randy W. Hyppa, Ingrid Cipakova, Dorothea Anrather, Lucia Karvaiova, Karl Mechtler, Gerald R. Smith, Juraj Gregan. (2015). Casein Kinase 1 and Phosphorylation of Cohesin Subunit Rec11 (SA3) Promote Meiotic Recombination through Linear Element Formation. PLOS GENETICS; 11(5):e1005225. PMID: 25993311

Cipak L, Polakova S, Hyppa RW, Smith GR, Gregan J. (2014). Synchronized fission yeast meiosis using an ATP analog-sensitive Pat1 protein kinase. NATURE PROTOCOLS; 223-3. PMID: 24385151

Polakova, Silvia; Benko, Zsigmond; Zhang, Lijuan; Gregáň, Juraj (2013). Mal3, the Schizosaccharomyces pombe homolog of EB1, is required for karyogamy and for promoting oscillatory nuclear movement during meiosis. CELL CYCLE; 24:13(1). PMID: 24196444

Cipak, Lubos; Gupta, Sneha; Rajovic, Iva; Jin, Quan-Wen; Anrather, Dorothea; Ammerer, Gustav; McCollum, Dannel; Gregan, Juraj (2013). Crosstalk between casein kinase II and Ste20-related kinase Nak1. CELL CYCLE;12(6):884-8. PMID: 23462181

Kovacikova, Ines; Polakova, Silvia; Benko, Zsigmond; Cipak, Lubos; Zhang, Lijuan; Rumpf, Cornelia; Miadokova, Eva; Gregan, Juraj (2013). A knockout screen for protein kinases required for the proper meiotic segregation of chromosomes in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. CELL CYCLE;12(4):618-24. PMID: 23370392

Hua, Hui; Namdar, Mandana; Ganier, Olivier; Gregan, Juraj; Méchali, Marcel; Kearsey, Stephen E (2013). Sequential steps in DNA replication are inhibited to ensure reduction of ploidy in meiosis. MOL BIOL CELL;24(5):578-87. PMID: 23303250

Hyppa, Randy W; Fowler, Kyle R; Cipak, Lubos; Gregan, Juraj; Smith, Gerald R (2013). DNA intermediates of meiotic recombination in synchronous S. pombe at optimal temperature. NUCLEIC ACIDS RES. PMID: 24089141

Cipak, Lubos; Hyppa, Randy W; Smith, Gerald R; Gregan, Juraj (2012). ATP analog-sensitive Pat1 protein kinase for synchronous fission yeast meiosis at physiological temperature. CELL CYCLE;11(8):1626-33. PMID: 22487684

Dudas, Andrej; Ahmad, Shazia; Gregan, Juraj (2011). Sgo1 is required for co-segregation of sister chromatids during achiasmate meiosis I. CELL CYCLE(10):951-5. PMID: 21330786

Cipak, Lubos; Zhang, Chao; Kovacikova, Ines; Rumpf, Cornelia; Miadokova, Eva; Shokat, Kevan M; Gregan, Juraj (2011). Generation of a set of conditional analog-sensitive alleles of essential protein kinases in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. CELL CYCLE;10(20):3527-32. PMID: 22030861

Rumpf, Cornelia; Cipak, Lubos; Dudas, Andrej; Benko, Zsigmond; Pozgajova, Miroslava; Riedel, Christian G; Ammerer, Gustav; Mechtler, Karl; Gregan, Juraj (2010). Casein kinase 1 is required for efficient removal of Rec8 during meiosis I. CELL CYCLE. PMID: 20581463

Rumpf, Cornelia; Cipak, Lubos; Novatchkova, Maria; Li, Zhang; Polakova, Silvia; Dudas, Andrej; Kovacikova, Ines; Miadokova, Eva; Ammerer, Gustav; Gregan, Juraj (2010). High-throughput knockout screen in Schizosaccharomyces pombe identifies a novel gene required for efficient homolog disjunction during meiosis I. CELL CYCLE. PMID: 20404563

Spirek, Mario; Benko, Zsigmond; Carnecka, Martina; Rumpf, Cornelia; Cipak, Lubos; Batova, Monika; Marova, Ivana; Nam, Miyoung; Kim, Dong-Uk; Park, Han-Oh; Hayles, Jacqueline; Hoe, Kwang-Lae; Nurse, Paul; Gregan, Juraj (2010). S. pombe genome deletion project: An update. CELL CYCLE;9(12):2399-402. PMID: 20519959

Rumpf, Cornelia; Cipak, Lubos; Schleiffer, Alexander; Pidoux, Alison; Mechtler, Karl; Tolic-Nørrelykke, Iva M; Gregan, Juraj (2010). Laser microsurgery provides evidence for merotelic kinetochore attachments in fission yeast cells lacking Pcs1 or Clr4. CELL CYCLE. PMID: 20935472

Cipak, Lubos; Spirek, Mario; Novatchkova, Maria; Chen, Zhiming; Rumpf, Cornelia; Lugmayr, Wolfgang; Mechtler, Karl; Ammerer, Gustav; Csaszar, Edina; Gregan, Juraj (2009). An improved strategy for tandem affinity purification-tagging of Schizosaccharomyces pombe genes. PROTEOMICS;9(20):4825-8. PMID: 19750511


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